Don't Mind If We Do / Do Less: Live More

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Episode notes

 Feeling overwhelmed? You’re not alone. It’s not easy juggling the stresses of work, family and our personal lives, but Productivity Coach Lisa Zawrotny, host of The Positively Living Podcast, is here to save us from ourselves!!! Today she teaches us how to declutter our lives so we can breathe easier!! Perfect timing before heading into another busy fall. And we calm ourselves first by sampling the amazing Salt Spring Wild cider- Bitter orange rosemary!! So so good!  Check out her podcast and catch all these amazing insights and help she offers to her listeners!

Here is a little info about our special guest! 

Lisa Zawrotny is the founder of Positively Productive Systems and the host of the Positively Living Podcast. After experiencing a deeply overwhelming time in her life juggling multiple roles as a caregiver, wife, mother, and business owner, she is now a Productivity Coach helping other multi-passionate entrepreneurs who are trying to balance business and family. Through her podcast, online programs, and video coaching, she shows you how to boost productivity and avoid burnout while making it feel simple and sustainable. When she’s not sharing about the wonders of simplicity, self-care, and systems, she’s playing music, drinking coffee, and watching movies with her husband and kiddos, or reading while trapped under a cat. Lisa holds certifications in stress and time management, life coaching, and meditation and is a member of the American Institute of Stress and the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals.