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EP 42 Live Your Life Adventure Challenge

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Episode notes

This episode brings back a past guest of ours, Janis Carmena who has been working hard developing something NEW and exciting and you can join! Listen to hear more about the Live Your Life Adventure Challenge and how you can get off the couch and experience new things in your day to day! Also, fun fact Michele and Chelsea ARE participating in February's challenges so make sure to watch for our videos and lives in our fb group to see what the heck we come up with to get our butts off the couch! 

Today we sampled not one but two beverages- one good one not haha *** Delicious and mildly spiced! Highly recommend! 

and then we force down some Pink Whitney....tell us in the fb group if you are on the love side or hate side for Pink Whitney and why! 

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The last few years have sucked. We have been holed up inside our houses and some of our mental health has suffered. Well, it’s time to seek discomfort and go out and try new things again! It’s time to have FUN – TOGETHER! That is what the Live Your Life Adventure Challenge is all about. In the Live Your Life Adventure Challenge, I provide you with a monthly theme and you choose to complete five challenges that meet that theme. Upload a photo of you doing each challenge or a photo of the task into the Live Your Life Adventure App and when you complete your five tasks/challenges then claim your REWARD! You will also receive free swag to use during your challenges and I will reward you with a custom challenge coin when you complete your five challenges. There is a different theme each month and a different Challenge Coin to earn! Collect them ALL. February theme is GET OFF THE COUCH and it starts FEBRUARY 1! Complete five challenges that get you off the couch in February. Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone. This could be a hike to a new place, learning a new skill, taking a class, visiting a new coffee shop or restaurant or going to Happy Hour at a new pub with a friend. You have until FEBRUARY 15 to take on the GET OFF THE COUCH CHALLENGE - after February 15, this Challenge Coin is GONE! Also, $1 from every challenge completed goes directly to rescuing dogs at the Street Dog Sanctuary. Join Now Join the Facebook Group