Sounds Like A Plan / 'Connection' – with Charlotte Church

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Charlotte Church has a deep history with both activism and music – and right now she's putting her energy into two grassroots projects that bring together the strands of education, environment, wellbeing, sustainability and the future of our planet. 

She joins co-hosts Fay Milton and Greg Cochrane to discuss Rhydoldog – an area of outstanding natural beauty in mid-Wales – where, along with the community, she's building a healing retreat centre. She also explains how The Awen Project, the democratic school she co-founded, approaches topics like climate education. She also reveals her plan to become a gong bath practitioner! 

It's all rooted in a deep passion for the natural environment and the urge to create a better future for the next generations. 

Fay and Greg also reflect on the outcomes of COP26, and leave you with some recommendations. 

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Links to things discussed in the podcast:

The Rhydoldog Project

The Awen Project

This episode's recommendations:

Fay's recommendation

Hope In The Dark, by Rebecca Solnit

Greg's recommendation

The YIKES Podcast, hosted by Mikaela Loach and Jo Becker

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