Sounds Like A Plan / 'Impact' – with James Thornton, environmental lawyer + founder ClientEarth

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The worlds of law and music may seem like unexpected companions in the climate crisis, but brought together they’re a formidable force for change.

Here, environmental lawyer and founder of ClientEarth James Thornton discusses how his organisation’s work with Coldplay, Brian Eno and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour has directly halted the coal-fired power plants, saved lives and preserved the planet. Client Earth are considered one of the most impactful climate organisations out there – and rightly so. 

James is also a huge advocate for how art can help communicate urgency, but also build a vision of hope that'll encourage all us to contribute towards a better, healthier, fairer future. 

He also shares his thoughts on UN’s pivotal COP26 summit in Glasgow - being held just days away now in Glasgow, UK - and hosts Fay Milton and Greg Cochrane will also leave you with some recommendations.

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Links to things discussed in the podcast:

Dave Gilmour’s viral message about the sale of his guitars and Client Earth

ClientEarth summit

This episode's recommendations:

Fay's recommendation

What a Wonderful World - Choir's Sing For Change

Greg's recommendation – all inclusive electric car subscription

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