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Living with Multiple Myeloma- Living with relapsed Multiple Myeloma- Ann's patient journey

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Episode notes

In this podcast, Ann shares her personal experience of living with Multiple Myeloma for over 5 years. Although, her multiple myeloma has relapsed more than once and requires ongoing treatment, she is living well and is hopeful for the future.   Ann' s engaging conversation with Maire Tresa  provides advice on the importance of taking control of your life, being active and surrounding yourself with supportive people when coping with this relapsing, remitting cancer. She describes how learning to adjust her mindset and adapting her activities has helped her learn to live with relapsed disease.   Ann outlines how being more self aware and drawing on her inner reserves has helped her overcome the fear and disappointment of her Multiple Myeloma relapse and subsequent treatment.    Ann describes honestly how she has adapted to life from 'living from blood test to blood test' to learning to live and manage her disease both physically and emotionally. Throughout this podcast her positive attitude and drive is moving and inspiring.   Ann shares important advice for patients living with Multiple  myeloma, including staying informed, being aware of your limitations, seeking support for symptoms or side effects  adjusting activities and setting goals.     Ann highlights the importance of support groups for sharing advice and information. In addition she encourages others through her personal experience to savour the small and simple things in life and to remain hopeful for the future.   

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