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An essential guide to Autologous stem cell transplantation (ASCT) in Multiple Myeloma

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Episode notes

In this podcast, Nurse Liz Higgins, Transplant Co-Ordinator at St James Hospital, Dublin provides a detailed account of the autologous stem cell transplant patient pathway.

Liz explains the role of stem cells, how stem cells are harvested and later given back to a patient following high dose chemotherapy. 

Although, not curative, ASCT aims to treat Multiple Myeloma, prolong disease control and improve overall survival. Liz summaries the eligibility criteria and assessment process required prior to undergoing a ASCT. Liz clearly outlines the role of the multidisciplinary team in supporting patients through the transplant journey. This treatment is associated with many side effects however these can be very well managed. Reporting symptoms early is important.

Finally Liz, clearly outlines the patients recovery period following a ASCT.

This is an essential guide for patients, families and carers where ASCT is considered as part of their Multiple Myeloma treatment plan.

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