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Living with Multiple Myeloma. – Understanding Smouldering Multiple Myeloma

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Episode notes

In this podcast, Dr Gerard Crotty, Consultant Hematologist explains Monoclonal Gammapathy of Undermined Significance (MGUS) a non-cancerous condition of the plasma cells and the slow growing cancerous process or early form of myeloma, Smouldering Multiple Myeloma.

Dr Crotty explains how treatment outside a clinical trial is not indicated in patients with either condition, however close monitoring is required.

For patients living with MGUS only a small no of patients will progress to Multiple Myeloma and will require treatment. For patients with Smouldering Multiple Myeloma abnormal cells can be detected in the bone marrow and an abnormal protein can be detected in the blood or urine but patients have none of the typical symptoms of active disease and monitoring regularly for signs that may indicate progression to active disease is the mainstay of management.

Understanding MGUS or SMM can be challenging for patients, Dr Crotty highlights the key symptoms patients need to report to their treating team.

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