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Living with Multiple Myeloma - Diet and Multiple myeloma

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Episode notes

In her engaging conversation with Maire Treasa, Ruth Kilcawley Senior Nutritional Support Dietitian at University College Hospital, Galway describes the impact of what we eat on our physical health.

Ruth outlines the role of good diet and nutrition in managing cancer, reducing infections and improving Multiple Myeloma patients quality of life. Ruth stresses the importance of maintaining strength whilst undergoing treatment.

She shares advice on how to balance and manage food intake. Ruth explains the importance of food variety, mixed food colours and choosing safe foods to maximise nutrition in cancer and in living with multiple myeloma.

Ruth also outlines the role of the dietitian in assessment of patients nutritional status and explains the role of dietary counselling techniques to address some of the issues Multiple Myeloma patients experience during their treatment. She provides excellent tips and advice on how to overcome challenges with taste and smell which will assist patients better tolerate treatment.

She emphasises how eating regularly, fuels the body. In addition, she discusses the role of nutritional supplements and cautions on the risk of overuse of supplements. Moreover, she highlights the importance of getting the balance right, we all deserve the occasional treats once in moderation!

Finally, Ruth provides advice on managing sources of information and where to seek evidence based advice on a balanced, nutritional, safe diet for cancer patients.

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