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Living with Multiple Myeloma. –Managing side effects of Multiple Myeloma treatment.

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Episode notes

In this podcast, Theresa Meenaghan an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Haematology, discusses the importance of early recognition and early intervention of treatment side effects.

By raising the red flag early she explains we can maintain patients on treatment longer and get the best results. Theresa highlights how newer multiple myeloma treatments are less associated with the traditional side effects of chemotherapy, but have their own unique side effect profile.

Theresa outlines very clearly the effects of treatment on the ‘blood factory’, kidneys, bones and nerves. Theresa also provides important tips on how patients can manage common side effects of steroids, bone medication as well as managing symptoms including fatigue and peripheral neuropathy.

Finally, Theresa highlights the importance of not suffering in silence, healthcare professionals are there to help you manage any side effects, don’t be afraid to ask no matter how trivial or embarrassing it may be for you, our aim is to keep you on treatment with the minimum side effects for as long as they are effective. “Cancer is only one chapter in your life it’s not the whole story”.

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