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"I am a recovered camera shyness person. Now I'm on the other side of it, I have made it my life goal to help as many other people overcome camera shyness as possible. " -Harrison

Fear of showing up on video has to be one of the biggest blocks my clients have when it comes to marketing. It doesn’t matter what they ACTUALLY look like, except for the odd weirdo who, like me LOVES video, most of them run in horror at the thought.

They feel too old, too fat, too ugly, with a weird voice and nothing to say. (All these feelings are baseless)  That camera pointing in their face is enough to bring on a full blown panic attack. To tell them they need to use it in marketing is a step too far.

That’s why I loved talking with Harrison, from IAMH Creative in the UK. He also used to be terrified about being in front of a camera, but has since reformed and now works with anyone worldwide who needs to have a mindshift. He teaches that “the camera is not judging you” and that when you learn that, you can begin to feel a lot more comfortable in front of it. 

He’s also aware that video is now an essential part of marketing, since we shifted behaviours during lockdown. "During Lockdown we were all seeking human interaction, and a pick-me-up and it created a shift towards video that is going to stay

Harrison and I bonded over our mutual love of Goats. We’ve forgiven each other for our differing opinions on pineapple on pizza. And (while we are going to switch back to what this podcast is all about in a moment - I think this podcast exemplifies everything I love about the power of the Internet. 

There is no way, pre instagram I’ve have ever come into contact with this 27 year old English bloke who finds 26 degrees way too hot, and used to be a rapper! He and I share the same values around people, business and helping people become more confident and I’m completely thankful I’ve got to meet him! You will love him! 

Harrison steps through a simple process to help you become more confident on camera, and helps us all find a way to be ourselves on screen. "It's only been in the last year I've fully embraced it's ok to be 100% me on camera, so I understand that's a challenge for a lot of people" 

I love his slogan “Just hit record” as he says it helps us not let overthinking get in the way of us just giving it a go. 

Harrison is not a loud, in your face video coach who’s going to artificially pump you up or force you into doing anything. I know you’ll love him as much as I do in this episode, as he shares how to get over your video fears.


Today we’re covering

  • Why so many of us fear video
  • Simple methods to get over video fear
  • How we need to drop the idea we are born confident
  • What tech we can us, and what we don’t need to worry about
  • Whether video is necessary for your business


  • Our stories about how we’ve both met Gok Wan



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