MAP IT Marketing / Are Case Studies the secret weapon you've been looking for? With Lizzie Davidson

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"You want to pull out all those nifty little quotes and testimonials, then really tattoo them on your arse, you know, everywhere, where ever it will work for you” - Lizzie Davidson

If you are a service based business, you need to add Case Studies to your marketing strategy. These powerful marketing stories help people see themselves in your happy client’s shoes, and can imagine all the good things you could do for them too.

Today in episode 17 of MAP IT MARKETING  we’re talking to Lizzie Davidson who’s Linkedin posts are my daily go to for great information, excellent advice and the occasional professional disagreement

To be honest, I could have booked Lizzie to talk to you about almost any type of writing and content - she’s a highly skilled all rounder. However, months ago Lizzie did a week long series of posts about cases studies and the power of them

We often press the importance of case studies in marketing, to be used as social proof, and third party referral

For a long time Identify was really not doing anything of merit worth us doing a case study for a business. Thankfully these days are passed and we now try to collect a few every year

We personally outsource our case studies to an external writer as I find it very hard to talk us up, and get embarrassed when clients say nice things about us! However Lizzie does think it’s possible to do these inhouse 

“A case study is a duet between you and the client. It's your insights and takes and theirs. It's not just you telling a story." - Lizzie Davidson

"I am sometimes a quazi-therapist coming in. I'm asking them to revisit a project. And whatever they say, good or bad, it's a great gift" - Lizzie Davidson

“Ask yourself "How are we hoping to add value with this case study? What are the valuable lessons? What will be really relevant to our clients?" That is where you find your juicy hook. “

- Lizzie Davidson

Lizzie deftly walks you through what a case study is, why you need it and how to make sure it’s got all the important elements to build trust in the reader.

Lizzie is a B2B content marketing specialist with 20 years’ experience doing copy and business development for creative consultancies. She crafts magnetic website copy that fills your inbox with inquiries from your ideal clients. She and I both believe great content marketing will attract clients who dig your vibe, love your work, and pay you what you’re worth 

Lizzie shares an effective step by step recipe of what is needed in every cases study, and breaks down how to make the most of the marketing collateral.

During this episode we discuss the following:

  • Why case studies are so powerful
  • What all great case studies need to include
  • Where you should use your case study once it’s completed
  • Why Case Studies can lead to sales
  • Whether you should get your case studies outsourced.


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