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Today in episode 15 of MAP IT MARKETING  we’re talking stories, and the power of using them in your marketing And not just any story. But the most important story (for you)

"Your customer is bombarded with over 5000 commercial messages per day.  And so their poor brain is having to filter through all of this information just to understand what's going to be relevant to them" - Joel Woolley

"Saying you don't know who your ideal customer is to me is like getting a blunt butter knife and stabbing me slowly in the chest and watching me bleed out on the floor" - Rachel Klaver

"The empathy brings you both in at the same level. And so you know that I'm here to come alongside you and help you" - Joel Woolley

"So we've got to define here, what's at stake? What if you don't go with us? What could your life look like? equally? If you do go through with us, and you work with us? How is your life gonna look like?" - Joel Woolley


We are talking about how to write a compelling story about how your business can help your ideal client.

And it’s all based around a methodology called “Story Brand”

Story Brand was created by Donald Miller, of which I am quite the fan girl. I love the philosophy as it puts the client as the hero, and us as the guide to help them win over a challenge we’ve got all the special solutions for. 

We personally have used the storybrand method to write our own copy, that saw a huge increase in the right type of clients getting in contact and working with us

We use much of our story to help work out our marketing content which helps everything feel connected and telling the same story, no matter where you go. Since then we’ve both recommended the framework and used it with clients to help them have the same impact to their business

I’m thrilled to have Joel Wooley, NZ’s certified story brand expert with us today to help walk through why he believes this framework works and should be used by your business

He’s also going to share the seven step framework that every business can use to help create a compelling and converting brand story.

Joel Woolley is a StoryBrand Certified Guide and the founder of My Brand Story, an agency that helps brands stand out through effective brand messaging and websites.


During this episode we discuss the following:

  • Why it’s important to talk directly to your future customer
  • How the brand story process puts your target clients at the centre of your message
  • Why you need to show them a map on the front page of your website
  • How to improve the conversions from website visitors
  • Why this type of message can be used through all your marketing



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