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Episode notes

Today I’m sharing with you what content I create from my podcast episodes every week. Learning to repurpose content is a huge step towards creating cohesive, on brand and on track content for your prospective clients to find and engage with, wherever they are.

Part of the magic of repurposed content is it all fits together like a massive jigsaw puzzle. It can help you create content more efficiently, and help people not just fall into your content web, but stay there. (I always say, be a spider, build a web)

I have to admit I’m super nervous about sharing this episode with you, because I know that what I’m currently doing to repurpose my content could be far more than you are currently doing. So before we jump in and talk about what’s included in this podcast, I want to remind you that we are all at different stages and levels when it comes to our business and to our marketing.

I have a list of six or seven other things I want to add to my content marketing machine such as infographics, nurture sequences and a few other little gems, and I’m not there yet, so it’s so important to know where you’re sitting in your content marketing journey and learn from there.

At the moment, my podcast is repurposed into a column, blog, long video, short videos, short content, and shared on a range of different platforms. I’m going to step through that process, and also share what help I get along the way, as well as how many hours a week we collectively use to make it all happen.

Then, I’m going to give you a starting place for you to start doing the same thing (you won’t need a podcast - you can use a blog or a webinar or a long talky video instead. 

I’m nervous, but I’m also excited to share this with you. If you want to ask questions from this episode join our facebook group and ask them in there.

You can also get links to everything you need on


During this episode I share the following:

  • Why we need to build a web to help our content marketing work better
  • Why I changed how I was doing my marketing
  • How I use my podcast to recreate and repurpose content
  • The tools I use to create content
  • What help I’m getting to create content
  • How long it takes to do our marketing every week
  • How you can use these ideas in your business
  • How to start repurposing your content from scratch


Important links:

Free flowchart of how to repurpose content


Get Subly (Subtitles)

Video Cutter (free)

Tailwind (scheduling pinterest pins)

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