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Episode notes

Have you ever wondered how to get over a hundred thousand followers in a year on Instagram?

I know I have! So I was thrilled that Lucas O’Keefe agreed to share exactly what he did to grow his account by over 150 thousand followers in a year, using engagement and community building methods.

"So my big takeaway it's been, you know, in a world where we need consistency, we need content, to just share our message and build that community. Start with one platform, One soapbox to stand on and make that a thing"

In March 2020, Lucas had a small instagram account for a social media agency “On the Clock Media” During the first wave of the Pandemic, Lucas made the call to focus on growing his Instagram profile, and changed his account to his name “Lucas O’Keefe”

At the time of booking Lucas on my podcast, he had grown to 100 thousand followers. By the time we recorded it, he’d reached 150 thousand, and only a few weeks later has gained over ten thousand more.

In this episode, Lucas shares (for the first time) the time and effort that he poured into growing his account, why he reckons personal brands should start with a single platform focus, and what all business owners can do to grow their accounts.

We also talk about the importance of being something “a little bit different” and how this helps your content to stand out. 

Find that one thing or those two or three things that are going to get people talking about you.There are so many different ways to work to make it work for you, but you have to stand out"

For small business owners who are sitting in the space between building a business, and growing a personal brand, this episode can help you work through what elements you can take from his learning, and what you might need to adjust. 

Lucas also shares great insights around what’s working on Instagram at the moment (and what’s not) and why we need to use Instagram the way the algorithm wants us too.

One of my very favourite quotes from the podcast helped me up my game when it comes to commenting on other people’s posts. As Lucas said:

"Every time you comment, you are leaving a little tiny billboard that someone might see that brings them back to your page for content, right, and it can feel overwhelming because like I said, tiny, tiny billboard.”

Today we’re covering

  • How much time it took Lucas every day to grow his audience
  • What tactics be believes are key
  • How reels can increase your reach
  • What commenting on other people’s posts can do for you
  • Why carousel posts are used on marketer’s accounts
  • Whether you should stick to one platform at a time
  • Whether a large account leads to business

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