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Prince Philip + religion, with Malaika Vaz and Martin Palmer

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“I was just wondering what it was like working with Prince Philip on environmental issues? Because from what I know - and this is a bit controversial - he had some very apparent contradictions in his love for conservation. For example, the year that he became the president of WWF was the same year that he was in Ranthambore, a forest that I love so deeply, hunting an eight foot tiger with local Rajasthani maharajas. How did those things balance out?”

What do a 24 year-old filmmaker from India and a 67 year-old British theologian who worked closely with the late Prince Philip think is the best way to save the planet? In this episode of Forces of Nature. Martin Palmer and Malaika Vaz sit down for a debate about HRH The Duke of Edinburgh’s approach to conservation, hunting and the role of religion in protecting the environment.

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