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Oasis 'Definitely Maybe' with Alan McGee

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Episode notes

Albums don't come much more classic than Oasis' 1994 debut album 'Definitely Maybe' and that's the record being discussed on this episode of the XS Long Player.

To talk about the creation of this classic album and early days of the band, Jim spoke to the boss of Creation Records Alan McGee... the man who spotted Oasis in the early 90s playing King Tuts in Glasgow and offered them a record deal.

On this episode Alan talks about working with the Gallagher Brothers, Sacking producers and why it almost DIDN'T happen for the band.

If you need a reminder to how the album sounds you can listen back to the whole thing via Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/album/3LzKUdUTdJb6P7xGN6SotC?si=z6ree2uAR5m_9k3WTKpDMA

And you can check out some of Alan's current stable by following his new label on Twitter: https://twitter.com/itscreationbaby

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