Conflict of Interest

The Yugoslav Wars, with Deborah Frances White

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Episode notes

In the 1990s, countries like Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia saw some of the worst violence in Europe since the Second World War. So why did war break out in the former Yugoslavia, how did the conflict play out, and how far back does the story go? 

In this week's episode we were joined by Deborah Frances-White, host of The Guilty Feminist podcast.

Please be aware this episode includes descriptions of sexual violence that some listeners may find distressing. If you are affected by any of the issues raised, please vist Women for Women International for more information and advice. 




- Oj Alija Aljo - song by Koridor

- The Fall of Žepa (Zenica) - video clip from United Nations Television (UNTV) Zagreb Collection, Yugoslavia (UNT 765 ©United Nations)

- Excerpt from the Initial Appearance of Slobodan Milošević on 3 July 2001 - video clip from the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) LINK:

- Excerpt from ‘Gazimestan, 600th anniversary of the Kosovo polje battle’ LINK: