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The Perimenopause Minis: Episode 04 - The Key Elements of Midlife Fitness

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Episode notes

Today we’re looking at fitness in midlife, what the key elements of that should be, and what to do if you’ve struggled to exercise the last few years due to stress, busyness, aches and pains, lack of motivation, or not knowing where to start. Because exercise and movement are absolutely non-negotiable at this point in your life, it’s more important now than ever that you do things that are going to help you build strength, fitness and resilience.

What You'll Learn:

- The physical and psychological reasons why exercise is vital in midlife

- Which steps to take to start getting back to fitness habits

- What elements to include into your fitness routines

- Why you should focus on resistance and weight training at this time of your life

Improving your midlife fitness is a big part of what I teach inside the Power Up Your Perimenopause. I’ve just opened the doors again to this fabulous 12-week course, and I would love to support you through your transformation into a powerful perimenopause woman. You too can go from feeling confused and overwhelmed about what to do and where to start to feeling awesome, to building your energy, your confidence and a deep knowledge of yourself. 

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