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065 The Summer Sessions: Prepping for an Amazing Autumn of Fitness & Feeling Fabulous

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Episode notes

I am a huge believer in planning.  By getting clear on what I want and then making a plan for how that’s going to happen is the only way I ever achieve anything in life. If having an amazing autumn of fitness and feeling fabulous is on your list, then this episode is for you, because I’m going to help you think about how to make a plan that’s really going to work for you.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

- How to come up with a personal statement about what you want and why it’s important to you

- Discovering the specifics of what you want to achieve that relate back to your why

- Think about what’s going to stop you and what you can do about it

- How to calm your nervous system to be able to plan and stick to your plan

- How to create an outline plan that you can fill in each week

We can’t just look at each area of our life as a silo. We need them all to work together as they all interconnect. Sometimes the actions we decide to take can be at odds with how we actually want to feel in our lives. By being aware of the big picture first, we can make better decisions and take more aligned actions to get us where we want to be.


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