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067 Why Small is Beautiful for Fitness and Wellness Gains

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Episode notes

When it comes to fitness and wellness, making everything smaller so we can get the things that we want for ourselves is something I fully encourage all of my clients and members to do. Aiming for smaller steps in everything can help to take away the overwhelm, and give us a doable and sustainable action plan.

In this episode, I will give you some practical tips on how you can make everything smaller in order to finally start hitting some of your fitness and wellness goals.

What You Will Learn:

- How to stop making the excuses

- How to start making things smaller

- What’s really stopping you from exercising regularly

- Defining what areas of your nutrition you need improving

- Deciding on the time you have available or could make available for self-care

- How to create time to prioritise your wellbeing

- What foundations you need to put into place to allow this to happen

All of us try to do too much at once. We think way too big and become overwhelmed by the actions, so we end up not doing anything at all. Even when we have the time, we’ll fill it with something else or we just don’t know where to start. Just relax and remember - the smaller the better!


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