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Jungle Joy & Grimbergen with Isabelle Maselis (Head of Branding and Communications Streamz)

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Episode notes

Our guest this episode is Isabelle Maselis. She is Head of Branding and Communications of Streamz, the new Flemish streaming service in Belgium. Streamz combines local fiction with international series from HBO, HBO Max and other studios. Building brands is her passion: She led the launch of Streamz in September 2020 and worked on the rebranding of Play (Telenet) in 2018 and the rebranding of Sunlight (Unilever) in 2016.

She loves working in entertainment because it is fascinating to continuously try to build synergies between earned media, like PR and Influencers, as well as paid media. Every series is unique and requires a tailored marketing approach. 

She lives in Brussels with her husband and produces music in her free time.

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