Building Queertopia

Building Queertopia: Kyra Edwards

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Episode notes

In the second episode of Building Queertopia, GB rower Kyra Edwards shares her ideas for a world in which queer people could feel truly safe and free from discrimination. Kyra takes the request for big and bold suggestions seriously with an ambitious proposal for what parenthood would look like in Queertopia. Why does this matter to her? And what can be done to tackle the stigma faced by queer parents? Shane and Chelcee want to know what piece of art Kyra would bring, who she would to pay tribute to in statue and what building she would want for Queertopians to visit. And is there anything we could be doing right now to make real life better for the queer community? Their hope is that in the process of building this fictional paradise, they might just hit on ways to make reality that little bit better for…everyone. Want to have a say? Email Shane & Chelcee at [email protected]