Building Queertopia

Building Queertopia: Suzi Ruffell

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Episode notes

This week, Shane and Chelcee welcome comedian and podcaster Suzi Ruffell to their new queer utopia. Suzi has strong feelings about how people should treat others in this new society. And she’s thought of some strict rules and regulations. Through their conversation, the presenters learn about London's lesbian night life scene in the 1930s and the personal reason behind Suzi’s decision to bring the film Pride to Queertopia. Finally, Shane and Chelcee ask Suzi if there is anything we could be doing right now to make real life better for the queer community. The hope is that in the process of building this fictional paradise, they might just hit on ways to make reality that little bit better for…everyone. Want to have a say? Email Shane & Chelcee at [email protected]