Refugee Realities

By LSE Department of International Development
To help celebrate and bring awareness to Refugee Week UK 2021, we are pleased to introduce the ‘Refugee Realities’ Podcast, a series created by students on the Forced Displacement and Refugees course in the Department of International Development. Across Refugee Week, from June 14th to the 18th, we’ll be releasing two student-recorded podcasts each day. Like the course, the topics covered are eclectic. We range from a birds-eye perspective on the challenges facing refugee governance and recent national and international refugee policy, to the voices and experiences of refugees themselves as they share how they navigated asylum status processes in the UK and Austria. Along the way we also get a sense of some of the initiatives out there that are working to assist forcibly displaced people, whether by refugees in neighboring countries, local organizations right here in London, or international NGOs that are always looking for volunteers.

For a complete listing of Refugee Week events or to get involved, check out the Refugee Week website at and follow Refugee Week on Instagram @refugeeweekuk and on Twitter and Facebook @RefugeeWeek. In the meantime, stay tuned for the podcasts.

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