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Ep 54 The U.S. General’s framework, Part Six: Opportunity for Growth

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Episode notes

Hello and welcome to the Thriving podcast, with Sarah and Jenny. This week’s episode marks the end of our mini series on the U.S. surgeon general’s framework for work and mental wellbeing. Where we discuss the final petal: Opportunity for growth. As one of the number one reasons people are leaving their workplaces right now along with it being the number one thing people are looking for in their work, it's incredibly important to understand how to establish a thriving workplace. We talk learning, accomplishment, clarity and much more…


Mentioned in the show:

US Surgeon General’s Framework for workplace mental health and well being -

Professor Amy C. Edmondson -

Arthur Woods -

Henry Stewart - 


Good Reads 

‘Hiring for Diversity’ Arthur woods

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