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S01E06 How do Home Educated Kids Sit GCSEs? - A 101 Guide to Exams as a Home Educator

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UK Virtual School isn’t just any online school – We dare to be different! We offer a flexible online British Education adapted for the modern world, catering for Year 1 to iGCSEs for Home Educating families, Expats, and World Schoolers.

#6 How Do Home Educated Kids Sit GCSEs?

101 Guide to Exams as a Home Educator

On this sixth episode in season one, Syd will answer the most common question she hears from home educating families, or those who are considering home education as a route for their children.  There can be a lot of misunderstanding around exams and assessments, but you'll hear these questions fully answered:

  • Does my child need to sit exams?
  • How does my child sit exams?
  • What are iGCSEs?
  • How will my child actually sit the exam itself? 
  • How do you assess my child's progress throughout their GCSEs?
  • Do I need to be in the UK?
  • How many GCSEs need to be taken?

To download the pdf 101 Guide to Exams as a Home Educator, with all the links mentioned in the podcast, visit the UK Virtual School website and download the 8 page booklet

More about Syd (Our Founder)

Syd is the founder and visionary behind UK Virtual School, which was set up in the peak of the pandemic, when the need for an alternative online education system became far more clearer. Syd has worked extensively with home educating families over the last 11 years and has spent her life in the education sector as a qualified teacher in state, grammar and private schools before settling to work full time on her educational projects, namely Femtinos.

Join us as we explore the core values of innovation, curiosity, growth mindset and inclusion & diversity which are embedded in the fabric of UKVS:

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