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Parallel Texts in the Language Classroom with Kaitlin Leppert

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Episode notes

Have you used a parallel text in your language classroom? Maybe this is a new concept to you, like it was for me, or maybe you could use some new ways of going about it.  Either way, stick around because in this episode, we are talking about using parallel texts. I’m joined by Kaitin Leppert, a Spanish teacher in Wisconsin, who has lots of experience to share around this effective teaching procedure.

Topics in this Episode:

  • what a Parallel Text is and why teachers should consider using them
  • engaging students in a parallel text
    – creating an original text
    – whole Class parallel texts
    – individual/small group parallel texts
  • specific examples of a parallel text activity that you Kaitlin has done with students
  • Kaitlin's pro tips for those just starting out

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