Episode 3: The Kiss and the Cow

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Episode notes

Gene Simmons from the rock band Kiss has everything: fame, money, success, a guitar that shoots flames, and boots with spikes on. But he craves more, which is why he wants a cow's tongue, grafted onto his own. It's quite a story. This is that story. While shooting a video, Ozzy Osbourne fills a church with live pigs. It doesn't go well. _ _ Written by Jon Holmes & Gareth Ceredig Narrated by Shaun Keaveny With the voices of: Alasdair Beckett-King Naomi McDonald Jake Yapp Technicals: Tony Churnside Produced and Directed by Jon Holmes. _ _ Rockanory is an unusual production for Absolute Radio, supported by the Audio Content Fund. _ _ Note: When broadcast on the radio, this episode enjoyed tunes from Kiss's flame-shooting guitar-based back catalogue. For complicated rights reasons, we're not allowed to use them in the podcast version, so original music is by Jake Yapp.