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Episode notes

Ever wondered what an 8 year old thinks about content creation? Well, today you’re in for a treat with my very own daughter, Rose. We talk about what her everyday life is like, the festivals she attended this summer and her new YouTube account. Rose shares her own unique thoughts about content creation and gives us some inspirational tips. Finally, I’m sure you’ve all been wondering what it’s like to be the daughter of your favourite serial entrepreneur! Rose tells all. I am so happy to bring this episode with Rose to you in my launch episodes. She truly is awesome and I’m so proud of her.

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About Rose:

Rose is an eight year old aspiring youtuber, confident tik tok user, and fashion icon. She's best known for appearing in her mum's content and for asking the question ‘am I in trouble?’ when she bombs her mum's coaching zoom calls. She's an amazing Capricorn representing beauty and intelligence. Her favourite games are Sims, Minecraft and Roblox. She adores the colour purple as she wears this in her everyday fashion. She loves her ginger cat, Tom, but most of all her delightful, but sometimes annoying Mum. When she grows up, she wants to take the world by storm as the most outrageous fashion designer known to mankind. 

About Julie:

Julie is serial entrepreneur and community engagement strategist with more than 20 years experience, a business mentor, keynote speaker, and 10 times author, including her latest book Leading from the back. Julie has grown multiple six figure businesses and is passionate about supporting small business owners to achieve their goals. The BIGGER THAN YOU movement has been developed to inspire people to take action and move past their fears.

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