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017 Don't Be a Mug... What's the Bloody Point?

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Episode notes

In this bonus Don't Be a Mug episode I want to talk you about the last year. It's been a tough one for so many of us. Things didn't quite go to plan business wise what with burnout and then COVID. but contracting COVID definitely got me thinking about a few things. What was the purpose of my business, financial goals and where do I want to be in 2022. I hope my thoughts help you to think about how these questions apply in your business.


About Julie:

Julie is serial entrepreneur and community engagement strategist with more than 20 years experience, a business mentor, keynote speaker, and 10 times author, including her latest book Leading from the back. Julie has grown multiple six figure businesses and is passionate about supporting small business owners to achieve their goals. The BIGGER THAN YOU movement has been developed to inspire people to take action and move past their fears.

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