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Ruthie's Table 4: Tracey Emin

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As part of our limited art series we are reposting our favourite episode from season 1 just in case you missed it the first time round. This is a conversation about food between two friends - Ruthie Rogers, a chef, and Tracey Emin, an artist.

Listen when you have a quiet time - time to hear Tracey convey to Ruthie what it meant to have the Salvation Army cook her and her brother Christmas dinner. Time to let Tracey explain why the solitude of being an artist makes restaurants crucial, and time to listen to her describe why she is passionate about eating eight apples a day.

For more than 30 years The River Cafe in London, has been the home-from-home of artists, architects, designers, actors, collectors, writers, activists, and politicians. Michael Caine, Glenn Close, JJ Abrams, Steve McQueen, Victoria and David Beckham, and Lily Allen, are just some of the people who love to call The River Cafe home.

On Ruthie’s Table 4, Rogers sits down with her customers—who have become friends—to talk about food memories. Table 4 explores how food impacts every aspect of our lives. “Foods is politics, food is cultural, food is how you express love, food is about your heritage, it defines who you and who you want to be,” says Rogers.

Each week, Rogers invites her guest to reminisce about family suppers and first dates, what they cook, how they eat when performing, the restaurants they choose, and what food they seek when they need comfort. And to punctuate each episode of Table 4, guests such as Ralph Fiennes, Emily Blunt and Alfonso Cuarón, read their favourite recipe from one of the best-selling River Cafe cookbooks. 

Table 4 itself, is situated near The River Cafe’s open kitchen, close to the bright pink wood-fired oven and next to the glossy yellow pass, where Ruthie oversees the restaurant. You are invited to take a seat at this intimate table and join the conversation.

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