Kabul Falling

How the US Women’s Soccer Team scored their victory for equal pay

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Episode notes

This week on Brazen Presents, we’re sharing a special preview from our new series of The Closer — the podcast that tells the inside story of deals that changed the world.

The Closer returns this summer with six dramatic new stories of groundbreaking deals. An epic fight from soccer's biggest stars, a private equity redemption story, the end of a toy empire, and so much more.

In episode one, The Closer takes a look at the US Women's National Soccer Team. It’s among the most decorated teams in the game but, until recently, it was paid a fraction of what the men took home. When the players decided to take up the fight for equal pay, they turned to sports attorney Jeffrey Kessler, who built a career out of representing some of the most high-profile athletes in labor disputes with professional leagues. He takes us inside the team’s strategy and reveals how they got the deal done.

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