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S.2 Ep.4 - Cork City Sports & Photography with Tony O'Connell

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Episode notes

For over 50 years, Tony O'Connell has been capturing people across Cork & beyond through the lens of his camera from creating memories at weddings, to up close & personal portraits of Lord Mayor's & Taoiseach's & even the Royal Family on their visit to Cork in 2011. He set up his photography shop on Kyle street in 1972 with his wife, the very same month they married. Prior to this, he served in the brotherhood with the Franciscans whom he credits for his values in business today, which is 'to look after one another & help people whenever you can'. His business saw two recessions & a brief closure before reopening & relocating to North Main Street. These stumbling blocks failed to stop him & he has huge gratitude for the sense of community amongst businesses in Cork for helping each other through difficult times. On top of running his business, he has spent over 60 years with Cork City Sports where he started working at from the age of 13 handing out leaflets before becoming Chairman today, fundraising for the event which celebrates its 70th anniversary next year. Now a the age of 76, he has no intentions of slowing down, he continues to photograph businesses & charities helping whenever, while also photographing his love of the Irish landscape.

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