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Ep.17 - Building A Gym With Luke Dennehy

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Episode notes

From starting a career as a bricklayer at 16, to eventually building a gym & well known brand, Luke Dennehy founded Dennehy's Fitness with his father in the early days of the recession - probably one of the most difficult times to even consider starting a business. But the brave moved proved to be successful, as they have branched to over 4 locations cross Cork. But his time in business has come with great challenges along the way, especially when his busiest gym in Douglas Village was victim to the devastating fire in 2019 & just before the big re-open Dennehy's was hit yet again with the closure due to the pandemic. But as Luke puts it - "if you don't have obstacles you're not progressing" & that mentality has worked i his favour with the opening of 4th gym in the newly developed Penrose Wharf, could there be a 5th gym in the future? Tune in to find out!

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