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Ep.20 - Over 100 Years Of Eye Care With Crowley's Opticians

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Episode notes

Crowley's Opticians has a long & rich history in Cork where it's called 26 Grand Parade home for over 100 years. Conor Crowley & Paul McSherry join Stephen today to talk about the success of this homegrown business. The store was originally called Rundel's where Conor's father had worked before taking over in 1970 & changing the name Crowley's which we know & love today. Conor is a skilled optometrist & in the early days of the trade he would hand craft glasses for client's in the workshop with very limited designs available. Today the advancement technology has created a huge expansion in the business with science advancements in lenses & more fashionable frame designs. Crowley's success, legacy & brand is very important to Conor & he has brought in a huge team to ensure the ethos of the business remains after his retirement & that's where Paul & the rest of the team have come in to ensure this. Crowley's has even branch outside of Cork with a new store in Newbridge with a plan to fly the Crowley flag (with Cork colours) high above stores across Ireland.

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