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Ep #20 Where's the Empathy?

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Episode notes

Hello..thanks for listening!

I have always felt like this all of my life but in light of recent events in the U.S. this month (May 2022), they have made me ask "Where is the Empathy?".

I know that as a highly sensitive person (HSP) and borderline empath, that I am and we are 'deep feelers' and have more empathy than those that are not and don't but even then...how could you *not have empathy in a time like today?

On one hand there is a decision going back 50 years in the U.S. that is essentially telling women what we can and can't do with our bodies. I feel like what VP Kamala Harris said right after the leak which is "how dare they, how dare they tell a women what she can and can't do with her *own* body?!?".

A few people who you can count on one hand is essentially planning to vote against what the *majority* of the U.S. citizens want which is *not* to overturn Roe v Wade.Β 

Those that are voting make me think, "Would YOU like someone telling YOU what to do with YOUR body?" "What is this decision REALLY about?"....let me guess...power?Β 

Are you gonna help the women that have these babies after they're born and babysit or help them out with the bills? What's gonna happen when there's a "baby boom" in your state after this happens?

Where's the empathy?

And on the other hand there are still "leaders" in the country 'shirking' responsibility and trying to gaslight their constituent's (those that voted for them) and say that "there's nothing they can do about the recent gun violence".Β 

These same folks haven't visited with the families that have just lost loved ones but can then support a gun convention 400 miles away in the same state that they are supposed to 'represent'?

Where's the empathy?

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