Robots in Agriculture w/ Christine O'Meara and Kieran O'Donoghue

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Episode notes

Following on from the previous episode about Agricultural Technology, in this episode we dig a bit deeper in the use of robots in agriculture by speaking with two Irish members of AgRoboFood cluster. Christine O'Meara specialises in commercialisation and innovation and is with WIT's Walton Institute and Kieran O'Donoghue is a robotics researcher based in Tralee as part of MTU. We discussed practical applications of robots on farms, from picking fruit to targeted pesticide spraying. We also explored the definition of a robot in 2022 and other technological advances in the farming space. The podcast also gives an insight into how large scale EU research is managed across the continent.

You can learn more about AgRoboFood at agrobofood.eu. A case study is referenced during the conversation which can be found here globalambition.ie/agrobo-using-robotics-to-increase-efficiencies/