A Truth Universally Acknowledged with Harriet Minter

Allowing The Magic To Return with Lizzie Demilola Blackburn

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From blog to book, how “Yinka” came into being.

Lizzie Demilola Blackburn is a first-time author with her debut novel “Yinka Where is Your Husband?” out on 31st of March. Lizzie first created her main character on her blog and tells Harriet about the benefits of entering writing competitions. 

Harriet and Lizzie discuss the reality of getting rid of some of your characters to help the narrative, why she wanted to portray a female character with a strong faith in women’s commercial fiction novel and give the black men in her book fair representation.

And hear why it’s important to remind yourself of the basics of writing when you’re deep into it and aren’t sure which way is up.  Lizzie shares her trick to allow the magic to return to her writing process or as Lizzie calls it the “hum” 

Bring a buddy for this week's creative exercise, Harriet is encouraging you to get social and try being creative in a group setting or with one other person and see what impact it has on your creativity, hopefully, it brings refreshing energy. 


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman at the start of a midlife crisis needs a creative project.  So writer, journalist and broadcaster Harriet Minter is writing a book….. A “chick-lit” novel (don’t worry, we’ll be discussing that term). A genre that is both critiqued and loved in equal parts.

Join Harriet for the writing journey, as she navigates story arcs, character traits and plots.  In every episode, you’ll hear from authors who have been there and done it and friends who can help crack problems that Harriet has been dealing with in her novel each week. 

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