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Mortgages lowdown, Zoopla and 2nd homes in Whitby ( WARNING : episode may contain Rupert Murdoch gags )

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Episode notes

Samuel Gee of Manning Gee Investments shares some of his wisdom with us as we chat about mortgages 

He's got a great way of making all the complicated and often difficult stuff really conversational, so if you need to fill in some of the blanks around property finance, this is the episode for you.

I'm sure you've heard us talk in previous episodes about 2nd / holiday homes. We were intrigued to hear how Whitby council have voted to limit the purchase of 2nd homes in theory. David Haycox, MD of Shoreline Cottages Ltd gives us some of his time to give us a well placed and unique view on this ongoing story.

There's been some difficult news for anyone who works for Zoopla in the UK this week - Andrew and John pick over that.


There's dog show news and a Mystic Simmo on the Murdoch story we couldn't ignore!!