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Harvir Sahota | From sweet beginnings to catering for star names

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Episode notes

Mahirs Experience chief executive Harvir Sahota reveals his recipe for success – including how he scaled up his family’s Indian sweet shop business into an award-winning catering and events company that has been used by a string of illustrious names.

Harvir and Henrietta discuss the firm’s evolution over the years and how his leadership has been shaped by the many different roles he has held within the organisation.

We also learn about how Harvir and the Mahirs team used the Covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity for a reset.

And Harvir reveals some of the A-list clients who have utilised the firm’s services – from spiritual leaders to elite sportspeople and huge stars from Bollywood.

Key topics:

· The origins of Mahirs Experience

· Harvir’s first steps into the business as a teenager

· His approach to processes and operations

· How Harvir became CEO of the business

· Leading the company through the pandemic

· Career highlights and Mahirs’ illustrious clients

· The famous name Harvir would most like to cater for

· The role of networking in Mahirs’ success

· Mahirs’ future scale-up and expansion plans

· The firm’s community and charity work

· The entrepreneurs who have inspired Harvir

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