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Bonus: Introducing The Tutors' Mastermind

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Episode notes

Are you ready to make powerful decisions for your tuition business?  Would you like to grow your business with people who just 'get it'?

If the answer is yes, then have a listen to see if The Tutors' Mastermind is right for you.

Everything I offer is flexible, collaborative and structured. 

And The Tutors' Mastermind is no different.

It is flexible.
Members pay monthly and can cancel at any time.
If you just want the monthly training workshops (see below), you can sign up for updates.

It is collaborative.
Our twice a month Hive Mind Meetings are structured for you to zoom into your business, and share insights and ideas with fellow tutors.

It is structured.
Our guided discussions and monthly training workshops include actionable tasks so you can get things done and make real progress.

Plus, lots of members-only bonuses!


1. If you're interested in becoming a member, book a free call with me so we know it's right for you.

2. If you want to know what's happening so you can join monthly training workshops as a non-member, sign up for updates now.

I hope to meet you soon!

- Sumantha

Want to grow your tuition business with people who 'get it'?
The Tutors' Mastermind

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