Beyond Your Limits / Gifts of Trauma, with Josh Boyer

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Episode notes

Gifts of Trauma with Josh Boyer. Josh Boyer is a U.S. Air Force veteran, husband, and proud father of four rambunctious boys. He is host of the hard-hitting podcast, “My Backstory,” where show topics range from business, to philosophy, to personal growth, to much more. The only rule: no filters. Real life.

4:40 You just never know who's listening you know? So you record a podcast and put it out on the end of the world and you just get random messages from people and who knows like a message that you share might touch one live might touch five might touch tight who knows? You know, there's so many people and you never know who's listening.

8:58 Josh's backstory

15:23 You're in charge of your own destiny, you have to own that ship.

20:20 I would like to believe that people innately desire to help people. But I also believe that there are dark forces at play, and I think people have inner demons and until they work with them.

34:50 We are naturally designed to feel negative to perceive negatively 62.5% of the time, how often? five out of eight times if you see a situation that's going to be perceived as more often than not negative, and that goes back to the self actualization.