Beyond Your Limits / EP15: Train Smarter, with Navy SEAL trainer Stew Smith

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Train Smarter, with Navy SEAL trainer Stew Smith. Stew Smith is the Owner of, training Military, Special Ops, Law Enforcement and Firefighter candidates to get TO and TROUGH intense tactical selection programs.

6:05 I just wrote an article today basically called, you know, optimal performance is the mastery of recovery.The mastery of recovery is really the key to longevity, as well as optimal performance

10:22 Your body doesn't delineate doesn't make doesn't differentiate between the types of stress. It's physical stress, emotional stress, your body just looks at that as a straight stress.

15:26 There are peaks and valleys and you know, different elements of fitness that you focus on spread throughout the year where you don't neglect any weaknesses. But at the same time, you're not burning out on one particular element month after month after month, year after year to a point where you're just beat up and injured all the time.

31:30 Phases of tactical fitness

43:09 That leads to a generation of males I was talking to all kids these days are, are being deprived of PE in. I mean, of course they're still sports. They exist. They happen in high schools. But when we think about again, ripple effects, the repercussion, that butterfly effect of telling kids it's not important to train every day. It's not important.

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