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France’s ‘alarming’ sexism problem, property taxes and what’s next for pension strikes?

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Episode notes

As is our duty on this podcast we bring you the main news and talking points from the week in France including of course updates about strikes and protests, what’s coming next and whether the strikes are going to hit the winter holiday period.

We also examine why retirement in France is so sacred and why the country is such a popular place for foreigners to retire to.

The French are known to cherish food, fraternité and pharmacies but they also have a less well known love for comic books. We explain why.

And France may have a reputation as the land of romance - and Frenchmen as great charmers - but a concerning new study suggests France is still deeply sexist and many Frenchmen don’t see a problem with that.

We also answer a question being asked by property owners in France, hear about two French actors in new films about the French police, and as ever we’ll have some essential life hacks for you.

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