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How will France deal with new terror threat and what's the French obsession with rural romance?

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What does the heightened terror alert in France mean for those who live here and visitors and why does the government fear there may be more attacks?

Plus why is France obsessed by farmers finding love, why are doctors in the country on strike and is McDonald's really healthier in France than in other countries? We discuss all these topics and more in this week's episode.


Welcome to the latest episode of Talking France, a weekly podcast by The Local.

There’s no shortage of major talking points and interesting matters in France that we need to get through this week, including what the heightened terror alert means for all of us in France and why the government fears yet more attacks.

On a very different note we’ll examine why the stories of lonely French farmers finding love among the crops and cows are cherished in France.

We’ll also hear about some major changes for the Paris region in the coming years that will transform how people get around the area.

We’ll examine why doctors in France are on strike and why the system of GPs is not in good health.

And if you have an appetite for more we’ll answer the big question of the week - is McDonald’s in France healthier than McDonald’s in America? 

Host Ben McPartland is joined this week by three wise individuals The Local France’s Emma Pearson and Gen Mansfield as well as politics expert John Lichfield. 

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