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Pension battle set for climax, why the French appreciate privacy and three islands to visit this summer

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Episode notes

Talking France is back this week with more analysis on the big news stories in France as well as insights into French culture.

To start us off we look at the state of play with the ongoing French pension strikes and whether they could yet bring France to a stand still.

We look into the controversy surrounding Paris 2024 Olympics tickets and why it’s only March but we are already talking about water restrictions and drought in France.

And looking ahead to the summer we hear which of the islands off France’s western coast is the best to visit this year and find out why parents in the country might have to give up posting pictures of their kids on Facebook.

And we all know the French love food but what times of the day do they actually eat?

And if you want tips on the best French TV series to watch, then stay tuned until the end.

Host Ben McPartland and I’ll be joined by The Local France’s Editor Emma Pearson, journalist Gen Mansfield and our politics expert John Lichfield.

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