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The rising costs of second homes in France and how Franco-Irish links have strengthened since Brexit

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France is home to the most second homes in Europe but why are they increasingly subject to extra costs, particularly in certain parts of the country and find out how France and Ireland have boosted trade and travel links since Britain left the EU. And why are Champagne industry lawyers taking on an American beer?

We are already into the month of June in France. How time flies or Comme le temps passe vite as they say in French.

In this week's episode we find out why thousands of cans of American beer were destroyed on the orders of France's champagne industry and also what a spat between the French president and prime minister says about the threat of the far right taking power in France.

We also hear about new travel links between France and Ireland, new train options between France and Germany and indeed new rail services around France that will interest travellers.

And France counts the most second homes in all of Europe but it's not always straightforward buying and owning a residence secondaire in France and they come with extra costs and taxes particularly in certain parts of the country. We explain all.

We'll also look at the question of whether you need to carry ID in France at all times and a new government plan to merge the carte vitale health card with French ID cards - for those that have them at least.

Ben McPartland your host, is joined as usual by editor of The Local France Emma Pearson, journalist Gen Mansfield and politics expert John Lichfield.

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