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Will France's 'desperate' fuel price plan work and how to end the danger of French hunters?

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In this week's show we'll explain the French government's "desperate" measure aimed at bringing down fuel prices, we'll hear about a tragic hunting accident in France and new efforts to crackdown on drunk hunters and we'll reveal just how seriously the French take the subject of health.


Over the next 30 mins or so we bring you up to date with some of the big issues in France right now and look at how aspects of this country work.

Starting with fuel. Filling up your car has become so expensive in France that the government has had to take action. We'll find out what it's done as well as look at what else it has planned for this year's budget.

And we'll bring you news of a new Unesco World Heritage site in France and look at some of the others you might not have heard of but really should visit. We'll also explain the upcoming French Senate elections - why they are so important and why ordinary folk can't vote.

We will hear about a new attempted crackdown on drunk hunters and also hear about the tragic story of a woman whose French partner was accidentally shot dead by a hunter in rural France just days after she had given birth to their son.

And we’ll also explain why you need a signed medical certificate from a doctor to enter a fun run in France.

Stay with us to the very end to learn some handy short-cuts for speaking French.

Host Ben McPartland is joined this week by the holy trinity of Emma Pearson The Local France's editor, journalist Gen Mansfield and politics expert John Lichfield.

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