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Life in France to get more expensive and busting myths about Napoleon

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This week our team will bring you up to date on that latest on some important changes to immigration rules in France, including one for British second home owners and look at whether they will actually come into law. Plus we'll look at myths around Napoleon ahead of the new blockbuster film, explain the importance of French patisseries and find out where in France you will live the longest. Plus we need you to fill in this questionnaire about Talking France!


Welcome to a new episode of Talking France.

In this week's show we will take a look at how French senators have hijacked France's controversial immigration bill including a move to help out British second home owners and toughen up the rules about bringing family members to France.

But will there be anything left of their meddling once this bill becomes law? 

We will also find out in which part of France you can expect to live the longest. You will likely be surprised by the answer, but we'll explain the reasons why.

And you might have noticed we love talking about French food on this podcast, this week we'll hear why French patisserie makers are held in such high regard here - and even have their own patron saint. 

We'll also find out how life in France will be getting more expensive next year and with a new blockbuster film coming out about French Emperor Napoleon, we'll bust a few myths about the little man, such as, was he actually little?

Host Ben McPartland is joined once again to talk about France is the team from The Local, Emma Pearson, Gen Mansfield and politics expert John Lichfield.

We also just have a special request for listeners. We want to produce a special episode based wholly on your questions about France, French culture and life in the country. You can send us your questions and any other suggestions via this survey here. We'd be really grateful if you could take a minute to fill it in.

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