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What's wrong with the famed French health service and is France losing its taste for wine?

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Episode notes

As is the time honoured tradition on this podcast we bring you up to date with some of the most interesting news stories and changes happening in France.

Including wine. Yes, nothing is more synonymous with France than wine, but why is the government spending millions to turn thousands of bottles of wine into cosmetics?

And when it comes to vin - we try to get to the bottom of some of the fact and fiction around the drinking etiquette and rules you need to respect.

From wine to health. This week we look at the ailments afflicting France’s famed health system. And are you in the middle a medical desert in France? We hear what the government plans to do for you.

And if you’ve been to a beach on France’s west or northern coast you’ll no doubt have spotted some concrete World War Two bunkers. We hear the fascinating story of why they are still there.

On top of that we find out about the man described as the French Shakespeare and tell you just what it costs to retire to France.

Ben McPartland, your host, will be The Local’s foreign legion Editor Emma Pearson, journalist Gen Mansfield and our politics expert John Lichfield.

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